The complete programme of the workshop, along with the abstracts, can also be downloaded.

Day 1

26th June 2017

19:00-21:00 Welcome Reception and Registration

Day 2

27th June 2017

08:15-08:45 Coffee and Welcome


Session 1: Experiments
08:50-09:00 Prof Manolis Gavaises (City, University of London, UK)
Welcome & opening address
09:00-09:40 Prof Josesh Katz (John’s Hopkins University, USA)
Cavitation Breakdown in Pumps – Prevailing Theories and Reality
09:40-10:20 Assoc. Prof. Matevz Dular (University of Ljubljana, SI)
Cavitation and cavitation erosion in cryogenic fluids
10:20-11:00 Dr I. Karathanassis & Prof Manolis Gavaises (City, University of London, UK)
X-ray measurements in injector flows

11:00-11:30 Coffee/tea break


Session 2: Numerical Simulations
11:30-12:10 Prof Marc Fivel (SIMaP, Grenoble INP Materials Science, FR)
Modeling Cavitation Erosion of Metals
12:10-12:50 Dr F. Koukouvinis & Prof Manolis Gavaises (City, University of London, UK)
Simulation of cavitating vortices – comparison with X-ray measurements

12:50-14:30 Lunch Break



Session 3: Poster Session
14:30–14.40 Mr. Saad Jahangir (Delft University of Technology)
Re-entrant jet and bubbly shock mechanism in a cavitating venture
14.40–14.50 Mr. Prasanta Sarkar (University of Grenoble Alpes)
Cavitation bubble dynamics and surface erosion by laser generated bubbles
14.50–15.00 Mr. Bogdan Lakatosh (Moscow Institute of Physics and)
Laser-generated cavitation effects in liquid metal microdroplets
15.00–15.10 Mr. Tadej Stepisnik Perdih (University of Ljubljana)
Enhancing surfactant dissolution using cavitation
15.10–15.20 Mr. Fakhry Abuzahra (UMR 6614 CORIA)
Cavitation in a scaled-up 2D-Transparent Nozzle: Experimental Rig Realization & Preliminary Results
15.20–15.30 Mr. Mr Markus Hosbach (Bundeswehr University Munich)
Temperature and pressure effects on cavitation erosion in diesel-like fuels
15.30–15.40 Mr. Andreas Rees (Institute of Space Propulsion – German Aerospace Center)
Croygenic flash boiling in liquid rocket engines
15.40–15.50 Mr. Nikolaos Kyriazis (City, University of London)
Modelling cavitation during droplet impact on solid surfaces
15.50–16.00 Mr. Nikolaos Bembedelis (University College London)
Numerical simulations of shock wave induced bubble collapse
16.00–16.10 Ms. Homa Naseri (City, University of London)
Effect of Fuel Additives on Hydrodynamic Flow in Modern Diesel Fuel Injection Systems
16.10–16.20 Mr. Shrey Joshi (University of Grenoble Alpes)
Cavitation erosion modeling using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
16.20–16.30 Mr Houman Rokni (AFTON Chemicals)
Group Contribution SAFT-Based Prediction of Diesel Fuel Properties at High-T, High-P
16.30–16.40 Mr. Carlos Rodriguez (City, University of London)
Supercritical and transcritical real-fluid mixing using the PC-SAFT EoS
17:00–18:00 Walking in posters

19:00-20:00 Drinks reception
20:00-24:00 Gala Dinner

Day 3

28th June 2017

08:15-08:45 Coffee and Welcome


Session 4: Ultrasound / bubble dynamics
09:00-09:40 Prof Shuhong Liu (Tsinghua University, CHN)
Motion of a free-settling spherical particle driven by a growing laser-induced bubble
09:40-10:20 Dr Ian Rivens & Prof Gail Ter Haar (Institute of Cancer Research, UK)
Cavitation detection for ultrasound imaging guided therapy ultrasound
10:20-11:00 Dr Robert Mettin (Goettingen, DE)
Direct observation of sonoluminescing bubble dynamics in multi-bubble field

11:00-11:30 Coffee/tea break


Session 5: Industrial Applications I
11:30-12:10 Dr Lyle Pickett (Sandia National Laboratories, USA)
Linking internal nozzle cavitation to variance in diesel combustion
12:10-12:50 Dr Robert McDavid (Caterpillar, USA)
Modeling fuel injector cavitation impacts on combustion in Large Diesel Engines

12:50-14:00 Lunch Break

Session 6: Industrial Applications II
14:00-14:40 Dr Russel Locket (City, University of London, UK)
Cavitation effects on fuels
14:40-15:20 Mr Christiano Bombardieri (DLR, DE)
Cavitation and multi-phase phenomena in liquid rocket engine systems
15:20-16:00 Dr Andrew King (Rolls Royce Controls, UK) & Dr Mark Brend (Loughborough University, UK)
Cavitation in fuel pumps
16:30-17:00 Discussion & Closing Remarks